Bomb Lux 2800 Puffs Nuts Tobacco

The Bomb LUX is one of the most efficient and stylish disposable vapes in the market. It has a 1200mAh battery and a generous 6.5ml prefilled pod of delicious e-juice that lasts up to 2800 puffs.

These disposables come in a variety of flavors, including the popular Nuts Tobacco flavor. This is a deliciously addictive flavor that is a favorite amongst smokers.

Bomb Lux 2800 Puffs Nuts Tobacco

Nuts Tobacco

Nuts Tobacco is an interesting blend of the classic tobacco e-juice with an added nutty twist. It has a light vapor production, but not too light, and it also delivers on the flavor front.

The nutty nipple is the most impressive thing about this e-juice, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This e-liquid is made of high-quality ingredients, including a special polymer derived from algae. The biomaterial has a high concentration of nicotine salts, which provides a high nicotine dose without the harsh burn of traditional e-liquids.

The nipple is not the only good thing about this e-liquid, as it has been designed to last for hours of vaping pleasure. It comes in an e-juice pouch that has a unique built-in battery, making it one of the smallest and most convenient disposable e-cigarettes available. It also has the most important features of a modern e-cig, including a soft touch surface and a slick, smooth puffs delivery.

Candy Pop

Candy Pop is a deliciously addictive e-liquid with a combination of nuts and tobacco flavor. This e-liquid is available for Bomb LUX disposable pods and it is particularly popular among vapers.

One of the reasons why people like this e-liquid is that it has a sweet taste and a high nicotine content. It is also easy to vape and produces a good amount of clouds in every hit.

It is recommended for heavy smokers and vapers because of its long battery life. It has a 1200mAh battery and a 6.5ml pre-filled pod of e-liquid that lasts up to 2800 puffs.

In addition, it is highly efficient and stylish. Its draw-activated firing system makes it easy to use and it has a 5% nicotine strength that delivers strong hits. Its pre-filled e-liquid is made from top-quality ingredients and it is easy to find in the market. It is also available in packs, making it more convenient to buy at any time.

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Other Flavors

Bomb LUX Nuts Tobacco is an amazing combination of nut flavors with tobacco, which gives a royal feel to the vaper. It is available in different mouthwatering flavors; some of the popular ones include Unicorn, Strawberry Banana, Blue Raz, French vanilla, Lush Ice, Mint Ice, Mango Grape Ice, and Mixed Berries. These flavors are satisfying to the taste buds and make the vaper want to smoke more.

It has a 1200mAh battery that lasts up to 2800 puffs, while the 6.5ml pre-filled pods contain delicious e-juice. This draw-activated disposable vape is easy to use and produces top flavors that explode in the mouth, making every puff worth it! It comes with a scratch off sticker that ensures the quality of the product. Moreover, it is designed in a smart way that attracts people. It will also blink if it runs out of the battery or liquid inside. Try it out today! Get your bomb LUX disposable cigarette at wholesale from ALD Vapor.

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